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Saturday, January 07, 2006


Testimonials from visitors, thank u ! :)

Hello,You have a great blog at The Art of Growing Money! I love it! I find it a great source of ideas, and Ivisit it almost everyday. - Philip, 7 Jan 2006 "

"Hello decipher, I have across your name in stocks forums and now I follow your blog quite closely. Your blogs are useful references and I find the charts informative andeducational - very good for people who are too lazy toread up charting books (like me). Good to know you (though you may not know me!) and hope you keep the blogs coming. - eng406992004, 7 Jan 2006 "

"Hi Decipher,
Good job on the daily chart review. Look like you have supporters inSI and Marketchatter.I would like to join ur Mailing List. Thanx.Regards - ang ks, 3 Jan 2006"

" Hi!! My name is Norbel. Im someone who want to learn how to make a good investment of my money. i've just seen your site and i hope to learn from you. I hope to recieve some of your ebooks for free. thank you!! - Norbel , 27 Dec 2005 "

" Hello, i'm a regular reader of your blog, to compare and contrast my own TA analysis to yours. I have to say you have done a good job. -werfy82, 26 Dec 2005 "

" Hi Decipher,
I am a recent follower of your Blog and finds that your trading method quite effective. Would like to be on your mailing list to learn more from you. - Perry, 24 Dec 2005 "

" hi, nice site u got there :) - Lance, 23 Dec 2005 "

" I enjoy your site and would appreciate if you put me on your mailing list. - kohtb9, 23 Dec 2005"

" Hi, Keep it up!! Great Blog. Pls add me in your list. Thanks - xyber, 23 Dec 2005 "

" dear sifu decipher,
I always read your posting in S. I. and like to learn from you. Please put my name in your mailing list. Thank you. - ectasian, 22 Dec 2005 "

" Hi Decipher,
Thank for all your insight in the local market. Regards - kelvin71, 21 Dec 2005 "

" Hi Decipher,
Intersted to join your mailing list after following through your articles and posting recently. I am impressed with your views and opinions. Thanks.Rgds - glentan, 21 Dec 2005"

" Hi Decipher,
Pls add to me to your mailing list. Thanks a lot and keep up the excellent work. Cheers - Shaun, 20 Dec 2005"

" Hi, Very impress with your blog. Keep up the good work.Would like to join yr mailing list. - gem2105 , 20 Dec 2005 "

" Dear Decipher,
During the last two months, I had enjoyed the critical input. It helps me to know the break out stocks. The comments were very well done and highly professional. Keep up the good work. - tony_88tan, 20 Dec 2005"

" Decipher,
I have enjoyed reading your regular posting. Regards - Tan, 20 Dec 2005"

" Hi Decipher, I have read your blog and find it interesting. Regards - James, 20 Dec 2005 "

"always reading yr blog (v v v .... goods kindly include me in your mailing list. - Best,20 Dec 2005 "

" Dear Decipher,
Pl include me in your mailing list. Thanks and keep up the good work - KB, 20 Dec 2005"

" Hello!! I have been trading regularly and would like to get to know more people that we can share ideas. Am glad to learn of your blog and do agree very much with your investing philosophy. Cheers - ginsenghead, 20 Dec 2005 "

" I have been seeing your website for a while and it is very interesting and informative. - swandi13, 19 Dec 2005 "

" Hi Decipher, I would like to be in your mailing list.Your advices have been very informative. Regards - cklim, 20 Dec 2005 "

"Hi Decipher, I have been reading your blog. Very interest write up u have! Just want to be your friend. - Allan, 19 Dec 2005"

" Hi , I like your blog alot.... Thanks for all the recommendations..
Looking forward to your "quick pick" blog. Regards - Lin, 19 Dec 2005 "

" Hi Decipher, you have a great blog. Keep up the good work :) Regards - classiquez, 19 Dec 2005 "

" Hi Decipher, recently came across your site and find it very interesting and your analysis are accurate and also has learn much from your explanation on the stock technical terms, will like to join your mailing list.Thanks - tay, 19 Dec 2005 "

" Good afternoon Decipher,
Happen to chance upon your blog recently and found it interesting. Please include me in your mail list. - chan, 19 Dec 2005 "

" Hi Decipher, admire your wits and wisdoms in the blog. Glad that you have a mailing list.
Can you put me in the list… am eager to be part of the sharing network. Thanks - Alan, 19 Dec 2005"

" Hi decipher, I visited your blog. Glad to welcome your great idea. Cheeeeeeeerrs. -
graceredrose, 18 Dec 2005 "

" Hi there, Have enjoyed reading your thoughts on your blog so have decided to join your mailing. :) Cheers. - benjamin, 19 Dec 2005 "

" Decipher - Please include me in yr mail listing. Well Done, have been learning a lot from your blog. Regards - Kian, 19 Dec 2005"

" Dear Sir, I hope to join you for advice and listen your expertise view of stock market.
Thank you . - Eric , 19 Dec 2005"

" Good morning Decipher,
It's good to see U r back and posting again. I am one of your supporters and visited your site regularly and chanced upon your mailing list service. Pls include me in your list, Rgds. - Mike, 19 Dec 2005"

" Hi Decipher,Please add me into your email lists. Also, keep the breakout calls coming, they are really useful.Thanks - Jack,18 Dec 2005"

" Hi Decipher, Looking forward to receive your Ebooks! Regards - infinitque, 19 Dec 2005"

" Hi, I have been reading your site for some time already. It's informative yet uncomplicated. Nice work! Keep working hard and do let me be a member of your mailing list. Thanks. Happy trading! - larrylaffer, 19 Dec 2005"

" Hi Decipher,Like you blog..... would like to be on your mailing list. Thanks for all your valuable advices.Regards - Norman, 18 Dec 2005"

" Hi there,My name is Ken. I started reading your blogs since 1 mth back. You are really a guru in trading and I'm very keen to learn more from you as you see, I'm still a Newbie in this trade. Hope your valurable tips will help me earn some extra money from now on. Regards - Ken, 18 Dec 2005"

" Hi Deciper,I like to be in your mailing list.I am new to technical analysis.I like to learn from you too. You seems to be a season player in the stock market.I also interested to recieve your eBook to learn from you ....Thanks - kckim, 18 Dec 2005 "

" Dear Decipher, Kindly include me be one of the list. I am one of the regular reader and have learnt a lot from yourarticles. Please keep it up. Your supporter - clt168, 18 Dec 2005"

" Dear Decipher,I have been reading your Blogs almost everyday and has learnt a lot from your experiences.please include me in your mailing list.regards - Maxibull, 18 Dec 2005"

" Hi Decipher, Well done on your Blog. I would like to join your mailing list.
thanks- alexgoh168, 18 Dec 2005"

" Hey Decipher,Exellent work you have on your blog!! Keep it up. And, yes, count me into your mailing list - Chee Ping, 18 Dec 2005"

" Hi.. have been reading your website.. real interesting.. keep it up. - okhoonwe, 18 Dec 2005"

" Dear Decipher,
I'm a reader of your blog, to compare my TA analysis with yours. Great work so far! Best Regards. - werfy82, 18 Dec 2005"

“Hi Decipher, Think it was initially a msg from friendster that I came across your blog. Great blog you have , providing newbies & investors with good charts & commentaries. Is it possible to cross-post your charts & commentaries over at ChartistsUnited ? - Lion, Thu, 6 Oct 2005”

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